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JET LAGGED Dušan Kochol / Simona Janišová

The title JET LAGGED is derived from the English term, Jet Lag – zone sickness. Fatigue and sleep disorder resulting from the disturbed biorhythm after speedy passage through several time zones. Traveling, movements within zones and different cultures became an essential stimulus in the creation of this project. London (0), Tokyo (+9) and New York (-5), three world metropolises, three time zones, three cultures, three new masks of anonymity but only one identical feeling. Does another time and another space really make any difference, or are we just Jet Lagged?

Friday November 5 at 7:30pm
5.11.- 30.11.2010
Gallery X
Zámočnícka 5

Exhibition is part of OFF festival, festival of alternative photography.