Salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a house was built using Lego and cast in porcelain. Brick decor in basic colours is another interpretation of this fantastic toy.

dimensions: 8 x 3,2 x 2,7cm / 10 x 4 x 5cm

inner volume: 40ml / 130ml

material: glazed porcelain, decals, cork plug

design and production: Simona Janišová, 2009-2010

photo: Jakub Gulyás



Nice glass makes the drink taste better! Porcelain shot glass Logaj is made of hard china. Crated for slovak designer brand Puojd.

design: Simona Janišová and Michaela Bednárová, 2015

client: Puojd

photo: Michaela Dutková


Astronaut casters are inspired by space travelers. Their mission is clear – to bring sugar, oil or vinegar where it is currently needed.

dimensions: 17 x 9 x 9cm

material: glazed porcelain, luster decoration, plastic tube, cork plug

design and production: Simona Janišová, 2009 – 2011


Coffeeware you will fall in love with forever. Every piece from this eclectic service is unique. Carved in porcelain, this set is embellished with a simple, but striking dot pattern, and decals in colour or platinum.

material: glazed porcelain, various kind of decoration

design and production: Simona Janišová, 2012

Espresso mug with plate


BBBig mug is a large (600ml) porcelain cup intended for daily use. It has a practical complement – a juicer, which – in an upturned position, serves as a tea-strainer.

material: glazed porcelain, decals

design and production: Simona Janišová, 2009

photo: Jakub Gulyás