Black Land

 “This season, you’ve got to hunt down a dark unicorn, then have a cup of tea, hiding yourself between green, green mountains, observing shady rainbows at the horizon.”

Simona Janišová / Black Land

23.8. – 27.9.2014

Opening: Saturday, 23rd of August 2014, 3pm

Da Wang Culture Highland, Shenzhen, China

In recent years my ceramic artwork has focused mostly on the application of contemporary industrial technologies such as CNC milling, 3D software modeling and 3D printing, used on both my design and free art works. This current exhibition presented at Da Wang Culture Highland in Shenzhen is the outcome of my artist residency, during which I had a “comeback” to traditional and basic ceramic techniques. After years of voluntary distance from this direct relationship with ceramic materials, I had a huge inner desire to return to the roots, and once again experience the simple joy of touching clay. And this experience becomes surprisingly liberating. As a result, there is a series of objects, some functional and some non-functional, altogether named Black Land.

Black Land is my personal landscape, which actually doesn’t belong to me at all. It is my inner area, with its own rules, with undefined, endless borders and content. Currently a dark landscape, consisting of many colorful spots, ready to be discovered. This mysterious, unexplored rural place is determined by reality, dreams and desires.