„Ah, but if less is more, then just think of how much more „more“ will be!“

(Fraiser Crane, main character in American show “Fraiser”)

The ambition of the exhibition More is More IIis above all to introduce to the public the most interesting and the most ambitious realizations within glass and ceramic design that have emerged in Slovakia in recent years.

The selection of design works presents the creations of authors belonging to the youngest and middle generation alongside those of students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Studio of Glass and Studio of Ceramics.

Displayed design works do not strictly comply with the traditional understating of design as an object of utility. Utility is in fact only one of its characteristics – its visual, symbolic and emotional quality is equally important. These design objects were at the same time mostly made as original solitaires or as part of small author´s collections.

Author´s design is a relatively new phenomenon in Slovak design. It developed naturally as a reaction to fading ceramic and glass industry (Porcelain production in Slovakia is actually non-existing; while there are two glass making factories.).

Designers using ceramics and porcelain work in their own studios and workshops. They frequently express their intimate stories through technology and material.

Glass production is technologically and financially much more demanding. It thus cannot be made without support of necessary infrastructure. Authors therefore create directly in glass factories in Slovakia, Poland but most times in Czech Republic which probably provides the largest scale of facilities with appropriate technology. For this reason, the aesthetics of industrial production consciously reflect their work.

The exhibition More is More IIpresents a great variety of artistic perspectives and technological experiments. The diversity and originality of approaches is possibly the most typical feature of contemporary Slovak glass and ceramic design. Each author strives for her or his own inventive path. The creation itself primarily lies in pleasure of discovering the possible…

Assoc. Prof. Patrik Illo

Head, Studio of Glass

Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava


Peter Ďuriš, Patrik Illo, Simona Janišová, Michaela Stanová Koprdová, Igor Kováč, Lucia Betinská Kováčiková, Petra Molnárová, Markéta Nováková, Ľubomír Ontkóc, Mira Podmanická, Rudolf Rusňák, Aleksandra Stencel, Zuzana Svatik, Linda Viková

Exhibition Out of the Circle -the modern and contemporary Slovak ceramics

Opening at Sunday 13 of May, Slovak National Gallery – Schaubmarov mlyn, Pezinok

Curator: Viera Kleinová



The view of the modern and contemporary Slovak ceramics set in the environment of Schaubmar’s Mill in Pezinok (and not by accident) follows several themes, which in ceramics have the status of archetypes – vessels, plates, figures. These could be compulsory figures for a ceramist, but also a program, evidence of the medium’s vital but also anachronistic nature.

Our selection will follow the breaking away from convention/tradition, especially resistant, romanticized and glorified in Slovak ceramics from the pioneering 1950s up to the present. It will feature canonic figures of Slovak ceramics as well as apprentices who spearhead bold porcelain pop. We will concentrate on studio ceramics and present both practical artifacts and free objects – in subtle, slowly maturing and radical and unorthodox layers.

We will speak about patient experiments behind the potter’s wheel and the aims that brought progressive ceramics and non-ceramics techniques and materials. We will take a look in the ceramics collection of the SNG and select the ceramists who stood out despite the conservatism of this discipline and environment; we will let the graduates and students of the Ceramics Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts and design in Bratislava speak – after all, this is where the essential creators of Slovak ceramics art and design came from after 1990.

Solo show in two chapters:

Chapter 1, Hotdock Gallery Bratislava,  5.6.2017 – 11.6.2017, opening 5.6. 7:30PM

Chapter 2, part of Bratislava Designweek 2017, Laurinská 14, Bratislava

Curator Silvia Seneši Lutherová

Few pictures of my new pieces created especially for project Created at Slovakia in Gallery of Ľ.Fulla.

exhibiting artists: Eva Činčalová, Simona Janišová, Ondrej Jób, Zuzana Liptáková, Peter Machajdík, Branislav Matis, Martin Popovič, Paulína Rypáková Varregn, Nina Šošková, Lenka Sršňová

students: Monika Pekná, Jana Vaterková
curator: Zuzana Gažíková

Exhibition is open till 27th November 2016


2 3 4 wp_20160929_13_17_02_pro wp_20160929_13_22_23_pro wp_20160929_15_14_21_pro


After six years we have to move away from Továrenská street. We used to share floor here with our companions from group Denamit  – Puojd and Lenka. They found their new space at different address. We moved together with Linda and my friend Dušan found a place for his own work here too. Our more than 100 square metres (!) are located not very far away from former place. That means we have enough space even for small si.li.  showroom! But there is still so much to do.

Our new address is a kind a “Harry Potter” one. We hope you can find us in Bratislava at Šoltésovej street right in between numbers 11 and 13 ,-)13

13_bIMG-20160505-WA0004 IMG-20160506-WA0002

Thank you BANSKÁ ST A NICA for opportunity to work intensively on my phd.project in such a quiet and extraordinary environment. Cultural centre Banská St a nica is located in extraordinary small Slovak town Banská Štiavnica. Few pictures from my stay and from my sketchbook below. The last picture was taken in the residency flat by talented student from Finland – Eetu Linnankivi. I recom to brows trough his portfolio.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

14 9 11 12



DEKOR 2 exhibition

 18. 3. – 5. 5. 2016

GALLERY CZECHDESIGN, Vojtěšská 3, Praha 1, Czech Republic

Curators: Markéta Nováková, Mira Podmanická

Authors: Monika Brzá, Nela Havlíčková, Martina Hudečková, Simona Janišová a Linda Viková (si.li.),Markéta Kalivodová a Richard Švejda (Vobouch), Martina Klbečková, Lenka Sárová Malíská, Miloš Nemec, Markéta Nováková, Mira Podmanická, Roman Šedina, Pavla Vachunová



Markéta Nováková, Mira Podmanická


Ondřej Batoušek, Monika Brzá,

Martina Hudečková, Petr Hůza,

Simona Janišová a Linda Viková (si.li.),

Markéta Kalivodová, Martina Klbečková,

Lenka Sárová Malíská,

Miloš Nemec, Mira Podmanická,

Markéta Nováková, Pavla Vachunová,

Judita a Mária Ordódy


X Gallery

Zámočnícka 5, Bratislava



Opening: Thursday September 10 at 6PM

Exhibition will be open till 24th of October 2015


Vase exhibition

Ondřej Batoušek (cz), Monika Brzá (sk), Milan Hanko (sk), Martina Hudečková (cz), Petr Hůza (cz), Simona Janišová (sk), Pavel Jarkovský (cz), Markéta Kalivodová (cz), Martina Klbečková (sk), Kristína Kollárovicsová (sk), Lucia Kováčiková (sk), Miloš Nemec (sk), Markéta Nováková a Mira Podmanická (cz a sk), Daniel Piršč (cz), Šárka Schmelzerová (cz), Václav Šerák (cz), Bára Šimková (cz), Pavla Vachunová (cz), Jakub Verner (cz), Linda Viková (sk), Vierka Vojčiaková (sk), Martina Žílová (cz)




Curators: Markéta Nováková a Mira Podmanická

Place: Gallery of Slovak Institute Prague, Jilská 450/16, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Opening: 19th of March 2015, 6pm

Show is open until 17th of April 2015.

 “This season, you’ve got to hunt down a dark unicorn, then have a cup of tea, hiding yourself between green, green mountains, observing shady rainbows at the horizon.”

s konom_cinstina

Simona Janišová / Black Land

23.8. – 27.9.2014

Opening: Saturday, 23rd of August 2014, 3pm

Da Wang Culture Highland, Shenzhen, China

In recent years my ceramic artwork has focused mostly on the application of contemporary industrial technologies such as CNC milling, 3D software modeling and 3D printing, used on both my design and free art works. This current exhibition presented at Da Wang Culture Highland in Shenzhen is the outcome of my artist residency, during which I had a “comeback” to traditional and basic ceramic techniques. After years of voluntary distance from this direct relationship with ceramic materials, I had a huge inner desire to return to the roots, and once again experience the simple joy of touching clay. And this experience becomes surprisingly liberating. As a result, there is a series of objects, some functional and some non-functional, altogether named Black Land.

Black Land is my personal landscape, which actually doesn’t belong to me at all. It is my inner area, with its own rules, with undefined, endless borders and content. Currently a dark landscape, consisting of many colorful spots, ready to be discovered. This mysterious, unexplored rural place is determined by reality, dreams and desires.



„The ON_AWARD statue has obtained its present form through a gradual development over the past four years. In 2013 we present its final design – a porcelain figure consisting of squares and pixels with eyes imitating a button in the position between OFF and ON, just before switching on. This creature or robotic switch is a paraphrase of the Oscar statue, but mainly, it represents our winner.”


The ambition of the concisely-titled BLOOD exhibition is

to present a unique (at least on the Slovak scene)

trans-historic curatorial project.

Esterhazy Palace, 1st Floor
December 14, 2012 – March 31, 2013
Curator: Dušan Buran



Solo show, Photoport Gallery

Pražská 11, Bratislava

Opening 9.5.2012 at 19:00

duration of the exhibition: 9.5. –  15.5.2012

11. 2. – 6. 3. 2011, Gallery Medium, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, Bratislava

curator_Dáša Dúbravová

opening hours _tue-we-thu-fri: 10:00 – 17:00_sat: 12:00 – 19:00


The exhibition will feature founding members of Denamit group – Lucia Bartková (jewellery designer), Michaela Bednárová (textile designer), Simona Janišová (ceramics), Lenka Sršňová (fashion designer), Linda viková (ceramics) and their guests Katarina Czikorová (graphic designer), author of Denamit logo, Martina Slováková (author of the documentary of Michaela Bednárová`s project) and Jakub Gulyás (photographic cooperation in Lenka Srsnova´s project).

The topic of the exhibition (Tender about gender) arose from Denamit´s purely female occupancy, and each of the artists has seized it in their very own way. The result is a portfolio of five exclusive collections, five different interpretations of a single topic through five different media, all classified as belonging to a group of applied art.

One of the exhibition´s missions is to present creative and production processes. Photography and video documentation of these processes, presented in direct context with pieces of final art work, has become an equivalent part of the exhibition. The exposal of these processes helps a better understanding and brings the role of the author/designer closer to their auditory. The audience will get to know what is included in the price of a designer product and original artwork and can see the evolution of a particular piece of work from a sketch into the final product.

DDD accompanying events are: exhibition of designer and artist Patrik Illo in French Institute Gallery, as well as lectures and discussion, guided tour and open day in DDD artists´ studios. Lectures will introduce professionals active in the same areas as DDD founding artists, both in Slovakia as well as abroad. The objective is to inform the audience about hot topics and challenges of both Slovak and global design, and commercial and fine arts.

more info:

Srdečne Vás pozývam spolu s ostatnými vystavujúcimi autorkami na výstavu

Home Sweet Potato,

ktorej vernisáž sa koná 9.12. o 18.00 v Galerii Médium na Hviezdoslavovom námestí v Bratislave.

Stručne o výstave:
Home sweet potato
Autorská koncepcia:
Bety K.Majerníková, Mira Podmanická

“Výstava „Home sweet potato“ predstavuje rôznorodú zmes autoriek pracujúcich v rozmanitých sférach výtvarného umenia, ale aj mimo neho na témy súvisiace s domácim prostredím a pojmom domov. Domov je miestom privátnych záležitostí, na ktorom zhromažďujeme súkromné zbierky. Miesto napĺňané našim životným štýlom a opotrebovávané stereotypom a zvykmi. A tiež miesto, na ktorom stereotypnou optikou ešte stále vládnu ženy.

V galérii sa popri výtvarných objektoch, ktoré zahŕňajú video, sochu, maľbu, šperk, inštaláciu od výtvarníčok, objavujú aj fragmenty zo „ súkromných“ zbierok vystavujúcich, ako forma apropriácie, privlastnenie si nielen priestoru ale aj vecí, rôznorodé zbierky, kolekcie predmetov, šatníky, všetko to, čo tvorí osobný príbeh ženy v domácnosti, ale aj ženy, ktorá sa domácnosti vyhýba.”

viac tu:

The title JET LAGGED is derived from the English term, Jet Lag – zone sickness. Fatigue and sleep disorder resulting from the disturbed biorhythm after speedy passage through several time zones. Traveling, movements within zones and different cultures became an essential stimulus in the creation of this project. London (0), Tokyo (+9) and New York (-5), three world metropolises, three time zones, three cultures, three new masks of anonymity but only one identical feeling. Does another time and another space really make any difference, or are we just Jet Lagged?

Friday November 5 at 7:30pm
5.11.- 30.11.2010
Gallery X
Zámočnícka 5

Exhibition is part of OFF festival, festival of alternative photography.


Pecha Kucha Night

Pecha Kucha Night vol.11
2.10.19:00hod, Amfiteáter SNG, Vodné kasárne, Rázusovo nábrežie 2

Teším sa, že na jedenástom vydaní tohoto zaujímavého večera v Bratislave môžem predstaviť svoje projekty a práce.

PechaKucha [peča kuča] je japonský výraz pre označenie zvuku vznikajúceho pri konverzácii.

Každý autor má k dispozícii 20 obrázkov, z ktorých každý zostáva na projekčnom plátne počas 20-tich sekúnd. Toto pravidlo udržuje večer precízny, výstižný a stručný.


Vtedy vo výklade

1.10. 16:30hod, Pavilón Balík, Františkánske námestie

Dizajnvíkend je festival, ktorý vznikol aby mapoval a zviditelnil aktuálnu tvorbu mladých dizajnérov a zároveň oživil verejný priestor mesta. V meste hladá zaujímavé lokality, ktoré chce znovu objavovat pre verejnost. Súčasťou festivalu je aj výstava “Vtedy vo výklade”.

Konkrétne moje kúsky budete môcť vzhliadnuť vo výklade predajne Moser na Hlavnom námestí v Bratislave.


Na tohtoročnej Aukcii súčasného slovenského umenia, organizovanej Nadáciou – Centrum súčasného umenia nájdete aj dve moje diela.

Aukcia sa uskutoční 6. októbra od 19.00 hodiny v Sklade 7 v mestskej časti Eurovea.

Predaukčná výstava bude k nahliadnutiu od 30. septembra do 5. októbra, denne od 13:00 do 19:00 hod.
Viac info a katalóg na stiahnutie:

Do 15.októbra máte možnosť vidieť moju inštaláciu na Bienále súčasnej keramiky vo francúzskom meste Vallauris.

“The International Biennale of Vallauris is eagerly awaited by all: art enthusiasts, collectors, professionals and other visitors. It has become a leading event in the ceramics world, a chance to marvel at the inventive talent and abilities of artists from widely varied backgrounds.”

Alain Gumiel

Mayor of Vallauris Golfe-Juan,

Regional councillor, Alpes-Maritimes

“Altar of Love is the last little installation of the Voodoo series created by Simona Janišová. It is composed of a broken trophy representing a doe’s head decorated with flowerets – a naive and symbolic representation of the feminine – and a sex toy, also in porcelain, which serves as a virile, potent masculine counterpoint. It has a relevant décor in pastel colours which evokes joy, happiness and pleasure. The resulting juxtaposition of this contrast with a brutal harsh archetype evokes a smile, while nevertheless leaving behind a fleeting impression of bitterness. A candlestick with its candle completes the ensemble. It is a sign of passing time. This little scene, which initially appears to be innocuous, conjures up relations between men and women, the loss of a certain innocence, and even the dreams that are shattered on the altar of love. After relations that give pleasure and the fleeting joys of the flesh, what is left? What are the real possibilities of synergy and dialogue? The fixed aspect of these objects, and the apparent absence of any link between them, speaks volumes. This mini-theatre of intimacy simultaneously evokes drama as well as comedy – that of life and its apprenticeship, a journey undertaken by each human being over the course of their existence. The encounter with the other, the fusion that can result, would all seem to be mere illusion. The solution can perhaps be found in a sort of calm that resembles renunciation, unless, on the contrary, it would be in a rather crazy sort of hope, blind and delusive, that flickers like a tiny flame secretly nurtured, whatever the odds.”

Yves Peltier,
commisaire de la Biennale

z katalógu Biennale Internationale création contemporaine et céramique, Somogy Editions D’ART, 2010

20.8-21.8.2010, Kasárne Kulturpark (Kukučinova 2, Košice)

Predajná výstava súčasného umenia a dizajnu

BAZart je spoločným projektom rezidentov Kasárni Kulturpark, ktorí spoločne vytvorili platformu vizuálne zaujímavých predajných stánkov, kde sa v priebehu dvoch dní predstaví hneď niekoľko zaujímavých dizajnérov a umelcov z rôznych oblastí.

Časový harmonogram:

BAZart odštartujeme v piatok 20.8.2010 o 16:00, o 17:30 pokračujeme workshopom pre verejnosť “Čo s nepotrebnou hudbou” predaj stánkov končíme o 22:00

(v piatok sa Vám v rámci festivalu Leto v parku predstavia na pódiu pred stánkami BAZartu The Uniques a Puding Pani Elvisovej – vstup zadarmo)

V sobotu 21.8. odštartujeme predaj o 10:00, pokračujeme workshopom pre detičky o 11:00
O 14:00 spustíme workshop “Redizajn nábytku” a o 17:00 workshop “Recy-veci” Predaj v stánkoch bude ukončený o 21:00

(v rámci festivalu Leto v parku sa Vám v sobotu predstaví o 19:30 kapela Abraxas – vstup zadarmo)

V samostatných stánkoch sa Vám predstavia:

Produkt Dizajn (v zastúpení študentov VŠVU BA z ateliéru Produkt Dizajnu)

Východoslovenská galéri
Slovenské centrum dizajnu
Vydavateľstvo Artfórum

Kamila Rybárová
Designshop 220
Puojd (Michaela Bednárová)
We are not sisters

Lucia Bartková
Wanda Gábrišová
Soňka Šeboková

Simona Janišová

Nábytok: Goodone